Bygone Chicago – My Story

In early 2000, I began a jogging habit. I had just quit a three pack-a-day smoking habit and needed something to do with myself. In that same year I ran a marathon and after doing a number of marathons, I became weary of the competitive aspect of races and desired to run, just for the sake of running. So, I became interested in longer distance races and ran a bunch of fifty milers and many 50k distances. Training for these things takes hours of time. My training runs are routinely 2-5 hours and are taken at a relaxed pace. I began carrying a compact camera in 2008 because I wanted to document what I saw. Many runs took me from one end of the city to the other, and often all the way to Indiana.
I love these shoes!

In the first half of 2009 I bought a domain, to wrap my flickr images. I thought long and hard about what to name the site. The title “Bygone Chicago” seemed to be a good fit for me as I always tend to point my camera at old things. Architecture, signage, rusty things and storefronts that have remained unchanged for decades. This fan page began as the means to promote my blog at, but I believe that it has evolved into much more. With our historic date posts and the JK video features, we hope to become the page you return to again and again to discuss your memories of Chicago with other Chicagoans.

Thanks for your interest!
Jay Hagstrom
Photograph copyright 2012 Sean Gallagher