The Wisdom of Margie

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JK from Bygone Chicago talks to Peter Poulos of Margie’s Candies during the high production days before Valentine’s Day in 2012. In this segment Peter speaks about the things that his mother Margie taught him about the candy business, and about life in general.

“Appreciate your help, they’re the best, they’re helping you make your business. Never give up on anything. If you fail, you have the experience of failure so you know how to get up, the ball bounces back up. So you never give up, you try and try again.”

With that, it should be mentioned that a fairly long interview was conducted at a previous time, and due to cameraman error there was absolutely no audio (I forgot to replace the battery in the microphone). Mr. Poulos was very gracious and spent even more time with us the next time we came in.
Margie's Display Case

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