Celebrities & Margie’s

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Peter Poulos tells JK about some of the celebrities that have been in the store, and what they had. Add to that list both the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, who have visited requesting to sit in the “Beatles’ Booth”.
The Beatles' Booth at Margie's
On August 20, 1965 the Beatles visited Margie’s and sat in this very booth. It was here, on this very spot that the Fab Four and their dates, (5 girls) consumed some Atomic Busters Sundaes. It has been said that of all the Beatles, Margie had the highest opinion of John. “He was the only one who talked to me”… Such a polite lad!

2 responses to “Celebrities & Margie’s”

  1. Donna says:

    William Holden was there?! Now THAT is cool!

  2. Jerry & Donna Ellis says:

    Great place. My wife and I were there many times before we were married. We have also brought our children there and on Tuesday April 16th we plan to go and bring our granddaughter and Son. We will have 3 generations there that day. Been going to Margies since mid 60’s. Cant’ wait until tomorrow.