Hand-Dipped Cherries

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With just a couple weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, it’s go time over at Margie’s Candies! In this video JK talks to Maria about hand-dipping cherries. Margie’s owner Peter Poulos mentioned that his philosophy is “pile it high and let ’em fly“… Look around, you’ll see that he’s not kidding.
Margie's Inventory

3 responses to “Hand-Dipped Cherries”

  1. Jessie says:

    I use to buy chocolate covered cherries for my dad every year for Christmas – I think I need to let him experience Margies!

  2. admin says:

    I apologize for the buzz of the neon. Note to self: Ask someone in the establishment to shut off all nearby signage prior to interview, and/or stay away from the windows

  3. courti says:

    Anyone remember a had dipped chocolate store on Fullerton Near Western called Minettes. It was ealy 1900’sMy grandparents owned it and trying to find out anything .Thanks