Skyway Quaker Parrots

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In this video JK takes to the streets of Southeast Chicago and discovers that there is a species of tropical parrot nesting in the high structural beams of the Chicago Skyway.

Have you ever sighted one of these wild parrots in Chicago?

About five years ago, I was jogging along the Chicago lakefront. Somewhere near Soldier Field I saw a brilliant flash of green in the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw a parrot landing on a bush about thirty feet away. As I got closer to the bush I counted eight parrots. What makes this more unbelievable is that this was in the month of January and there was snow everywhere!


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2 responses to “Skyway Quaker Parrots”

  1. Marcos says:

    Yea they’re beautifull wen I go to Chicago I hear the squak and I see there nests

  2. Leslie says:

    They’ve been hanging out in Hyde Park for decades, as well. Stop by Harold Washington Park between 53rd/51st (HyPkBlvd) Streets just off LSD and Look Up at them darting in ‘n’ out of those giant nests. Or listen for their characteristic chirp. Maybe bird-feeders like me have lured them!