Playboy Club – On Location

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There is a new series about the early days of the Playboy Club in Chicago. I was walking through the Gold Coast yesterday, and I noticed that all the cars parked for a couple blocks along Goethe Street seemed to be of the serious classic variety. There were also extras walking up and down the sidewalk in early 60’s clothing. A striking condo building designed by Bertrand Goldberg, the Astor Tower seems to be the backdrop for a fictitious place called “Cafe Bergthold’s“. There were vintage tables and Bertoia side chairs lining the parkway. Wait, I’m noticing a pattern here!

Classis car at Bergthold's

Thunderbird on Goethe

Red Nash on Playboy location

Old Yellow and Checker Cabs

Red Chevrolet on Goethe

Goethe Street in 1963

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