Edgewater Beach Apartments

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Designed by architects Marshall and Fox, the Edgewater Beach Apartments were completed in 1928. Seen from above, you’ll note the building’s distinct core form, known as a cross moline, or croix fourche which means “forked cross” in the English language:

Among the more interesting facts about the apartments, I came up with curious murder case of the late Dr. Silber C. Peacock, a reputable Chicago pediatrician and resident of the Edgewater Beach Apartments, who was murdered after responding to a phony house call. You can read some of the legal correspondence in Reck v. People of the State of Illinois“.

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Edgewater Beach Apartments from Jay Hagstrom on Vimeo.

Preliminary animation for a film short about the Edgewater Beach complex. So far, I’m just messing around with 3D layers in Adobe After Effects. Eventually I hope to have an entire series of architecture animation features, with narrations.

During it’s heyday, the Edgewater Beach Hotel and Apartments exclusive clientele demanded the services of a seaplane. No need to commute to the airport when a plane awaits at the end of a dock.

An interesting current day fact about the Edgewater Beach Apartments building; It houses a restaurant called the Edgewater Beach Cafe that doesn’t look bad, if you believe the user reviews written in Citysearch. Apparently they have an excellent roast duck in apple brandy sauce.

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  1. Janet says:

    How is your film short of the EBA coming? I am a new resident here and am fascinated by its history which is surprisingly short on primary sources……