Where is Bob Newhart’s Condo?

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I’m sorry to admit that I have played Hi Bob on several occasions. I’m talking about the drinking game where everyone in the room takes a drink whenever a character on the Bob Newhart show says Hi Bob… I don’t play drinking games too often, instead I run along the lakefront path. I was always of the notion that it was the brown brick highrise building closest to Hollywood. Recently I asked an Edgewater area resident to tell me which building was indeed Bob’s. He claimed that it was a building on the 6000 block called “The Malibu”… After consulting Wikipedia on the subject, it turns out we were both wrong.

The actual Bob Newhart building is called “The Thorndale”, and it is at 5901 North Sheridan. The entire area is brimming with mid-century highrise buildings. If you walk up to Bob’s building from the beach, you can actually convince yourself that you are in San Diego, unless less it is autumn or winter, which makes self-deception more difficult to achieve.
It’s not the one in front, it’s the less tall building just beyond it.
The Thorndale Beach Condos. The unit above Bob was recently on the market.
Balconies in Chicago: Extremely useful for three months of the year!
Bob smacks this sign with his hand on his way to work.

10 responses to “Where is Bob Newhart’s Condo?”

  1. Mike McCurdy says:

    Thanks! From 1965-1970, I lived in the smaller red brick building in the first picture, at the far left, with my mom – 5815 Sheridan. We are on the 6th floor and had a great lake view, it was very cool being able to go right down to the beach from the back of our building and it was a great era and place for a teenager to have parties that he never should have, when his single mom went out. I remember walking on a snow packed Sheridan Rd. in 67′, all the way to Touhy Ave. … after the blizzard; no cars!

    I remember later on finding out how Newhart had ‘lived’ in the Condo right next to ours and how cool that seemed.

  2. Mike McCurdy says:

    Hi – I meant “We WERE on the 6th floor …” – thanks

  3. peg landsman says:

    I lived at 5901 Sheridan for 15 years and our balconies were used at least 6 months out of the year. A lovely place to live

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  5. admin says:

    Good to know! I hope Dillstrom keeps on pointing at me.

  6. John Schultz says:

    Doesn’t Dillstrom know that it isn’t polite to point? 😀

    Fun article…really cool to know that it is still there

  7. Craig Kielhofer says:

    Mike McCurdy I have to agree with you. My great-aunt lived at 5815 also and I spent many a day as a kid at her place going down to the beach. Oh the memories of life on the beach. It’s one of the few things I miss about Chicago.

  8. Bob Schmitt says:

    Hi –

    Great history! From 1962-65, I life guarded at Hollywood-Armore Beach. My first assignment was Thorndale Beach and we normally stood on the wall outside Emanuel Congregation synagogue. When it was crowded, a second guard would be in a boat or on the south side of the beach, where there was a vacant red brick mansion. The condo was built on this location. I have a few photos of this and still am in contact with one fellow guard. Another former guard is a doctor in southern California. Best job I ever had!

  9. admin says:

    Thanks Bob! Sounds like you had a blast working as a lifeguard on Hollywood Beach. It’s a great place, one of my favorite beaches in the city! Thanks for sharing…

  10. Marc says:

    My grandmother lived at 6300 Sheridan Ave. she would take me to this beach there 1969-1972.

    I thought the building looked familiar as my father watched the show on TV on Saturday nights.