Where is Bob Newhart’s Condo?

I’m sorry to admit that I have played Hi Bob on several occasions. I’m talking about the drinking game where everyone in the room takes a drink whenever a character on the Bob Newhart show says Hi Bob… I don’t play drinking games too often, instead I run along the lakefront path. I was always of the notion that it was the brown brick highrise building closest to Hollywood. Recently I asked an Edgewater area resident to tell me which building was indeed Bob’s. He claimed that it was a building on the 6000 block called “The Malibu”… After consulting Wikipedia on the subject, it turns out we were both wrong.

The actual Bob Newhart building is called “The Thorndale”, and it is at 5901 North Sheridan. The entire area is brimming with mid-century highrise buildings. If you walk up to Bob’s building from the beach, you can actually convince yourself that you are in San Diego, unless less it is autumn or winter, which makes self-deception more difficult to achieve.
It’s not the one in front, it’s the less tall building just beyond it.
The Thorndale Beach Condos. The unit above Bob was recently on the market.
Balconies in Chicago: Extremely useful for three months of the year!
Bob smacks this sign with his hand on his way to work.